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mix 030I was close to broke and feeling low when I bought “Cake Days” (a beautiful book filled with great recipes for all kinds of beautiful cakes). I was stoked when I first bought it. Studied it on the train ride home and ignored the nudge in my heart questioning my sanity “Will you actually make these cupcakes, tarts and cheesecakes. Have you lost it? Cakes over bills???” I ignored it, because I loved looking at the pictures and imagining what the cakes would taste like.

They ended up tasting better than I imagined. After all these years my search for the perfect cupcake recipe’s had come to an end!! I was ready to start a cupcake revolution (forgetting that, ahem, the author of the books is the owner of the Humming bird bakery) and take over the world… (Sigh)

I still do not know what happened afterwards. I just kind of forgot about the book. Forgot that I had it and forgot that it existed, until yesterday… I was lying in bed watching a ‘Master chef Australia’ re-run, when it popped into my brain!

I was a bit scared to try baking a cake at first. Mainly, because I did not have the right size or amount of eggs for anything, anything except the apple crumble cake. Only I had no apples (of course). I had already been to the grocery store to buy baking powder and did not want to go back as I was also making a stew (beef/chickpeas/tomato & marsala very yummy.) I decided to try to bake the cake without the apple or crumbles. And added almond essence, butter cream and some crushed peanuts on top. It ended up tasting great and looking quite pretty (if I may say so myself :D).


p.s. I'll try to post the recipe soon!

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