You are not alone : a contemplation

Sometimes I struggle to stay true to myself. Struggle to let my dreams be my own - instead of my mother, father or sister's. I try hard to view this life we lead through my own eyes. Try to base my opinions, hopes and dreams on what life has taught and shown me. I suppose we all reach, hope and dream of something. Albeit love or a brand new bike. We dream, struggle, achieve and sometimes fail. When overcome with fear we sometimes even refrain from trying.

TWLOHA (an org. dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide) has started a campaign called: Fears vs Dreams. They've teamed up with photographer Jeremy Cowart and travel the US (and internet) in search of folks that dare to share dear biggest dream and greatest fear with the rest of the world.

I guess I wanted to share this video, because it touches, encourages and inspires me. The measure of a man is not skin deep, but lays in the possibilities knitted into our very souls. We owe it not only to ourselves, but also to others to love ourselves. And love ourselves enough to give ourselves - if you can still follow me - a chance in life. Fears vs Dreams encourages people to share, to be open and honest and let's people know that they are not alone. Our dreams and fears are shared by many, and we are not to face them alone. So visit fearsvsdreams.com and join in on the fun!

My own biggest dream? That we all shall live in the simple Truth of Love. My greatest fear? Sleepwalking through life... (a.k.a. never really living at all).


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